Off-Grid Solar and Wind Power Solutions

From Boats Motorhomes Domestic PV & Wind Solutions to Agricultural & Industrial Systems. Whatever your requirements we can design and install a system that will work reliably for many years to come.

Solar Power for Boats Motorhomes and Caravans

The photos above are from a custom installation we recently completed on a lovely lorry. (Thanks to Michael Hayden Sargeant for permission to publish).

Top image is a front view of the system board. The small gizmo between the meter displays is a Bluetooth sender which connects to a mobile phone app.

Next image – The heart : 640AH @ C5 AGM with a view of the current measuring shunt.

This system was designed to support an existing mains power and 12v DC installation in the vehicle. We specified the system to cover the 12v DC loads – Erberspacher heating system, Upgraded LED lighting, Sound system, Water pumps etc..and AC loads including a small Fridge.  As this system is for occasional off-grid use we installed an AC changeover switch and charging system for when an external power supply is available.


With over 15 years in this field we offer a wealth of knowledge and experience providing the most efficient cost effective and safe bespoke off-grid power solutions to meet your requirements.

We offer a friendly consultancy to those on the waterways or roads right through to the design and installation of large scale systems.

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